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School Management System

    Service Offered

  1. Administrator
  2. Student Registration
  3. Updating Student Information
  4. Staff Records
  5. Fees Records
  6. Vehical Details
  7. Reports


  1. Personalised Email of School.
  2. Faculity to Email Parents
  3. Faculity to Email Staff
  4. Faculity to Email Alumni

    Student Information

  1. Extraction of Individual Student Information.
    section wise
    Class wise
    Complete School
    Parent's Information
  2. Attendance Report
  3. Performance Report

    Fees Reconciliation

  1. Day wise Collection
  2. Month wise Collection
  3. Quarterly Collection
  4. Fee Paid Reports
  5. Fee Defaulters
  6. Division of fee into seperate heads
  7. Online submission of fee

    School Website

  1. Free Creation of School Website
  2. Free Maintenance of School Website
  3. Free Updating of School Website
  4. Activity calender
  5. Assignment
  6. Syllabus
  7. Homework
  8. Students Time-table Display
  9. Message Management

    Admission Process

  1. Online form Filling Process
  2. Collection of Form Fees through Payment Gateway

    Parents Information

    Important and general information about parents and guardians such as:

  1. Phone Numbers(Father,Mother & Guardian)
  2. Address
  3. Occupation(Father,Mother)
  4. Email(Father,Mother & Guardian)
  5. Detailed Information

    RFID Attendance

  1. Attendance Automatically logged as soon as the child enters the school premises.
  2. Exit is also recorded as soon as a child leaves school

    Digital Display Board for Front Office

  1. Display of important Notices
  2. Display of stats of the week
  3. Display of class -X Toppers
  4. Display of class X|| Toppers
  5. Display of other vital
    information about school

Report Card